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The Street-Wise Quartet, founded by Giuseppe Santangelo and Giovanni Sanguineti, later joined by Mario Zara on piano and Francesco Di Lenge on drums, recorded the “Trust” album. The record was born thanks to the ability and to the willingness of the band to believe in its own possibility and win the trust of the public. The name of the quartet it’s inspired by the experience of each member of the band and therefore by the “musical wisdom” gained on the road. The immediate af finity born between Santangelo and Sanguineti resulted in the idea of writing together a record that could unite their differences and their common aspects, both musical and emotional.

The tracks contained in this record highlight the standards that were the main source of inspiration and the originality of the compositions test the compositional skills of the two leaders.

The compositions, all unpublished, try to be the mirror of the experiences that and Santangelo have collected over the years: from the time they were students to the beginning of being professional musicians making their own statements.

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